TEXT TOPIC: Have you been shot at?

my brother was cleaning his gun, didn't think it was loaded. I was sitting in front of and it went of and hit the wall behind me

I was in the Fun Dome shooting and was shot at. I had to pick out the shooter in a line up. Went into protective custody and changed my name for 6 months until they caught them.

I was in the United States Army for 6 . Two deployments one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan in Afghanistan got shot at on the daily.. it''s an amazing adrenaline rush lol 

Shot at at least a dozen times in SL in the 90s and 2000s. Been hit on 3 different occasions

used to live in phx was dealing drugs during 92-96yrs did a deal with some ganstas and a rival gage drove by and fired on us I was 13yrs old

close friend of mine grew up in Inglewood. He wasn't even in a gang but got shot at several times by Mexican gang members

didn't get shot up but it was my brother's. Are both on the mission one in Brazil the other one in Puerto Rico

my father in law was cleaning his gun and it went off and shot me in the arm.

I was shot at by the yakuza while I was on my mission in japan. They just didn''t want missionaries on their turf. I didn''t get hit and I was transferred immediately but it was so scary.

My friend in high school was shooting guns with her boyfriend. And he accidentally shot her in the thigh

Several years ago a bullet came through our kitchen window. Luckily, no one was in the kitchen at the time. It was later discovered someone was target shooting in the field next to our apartment and he had hit our building several other times. Stupid, right?

High school; out with the boys. Friend accidentally shot me with a 22 revolver in the stomach. Had to deal with the police, they thought it was gang related. Called my mom at 4 am after surgery. Don''t freak out, not a big deal, I only got shot..

There was a fight in the parking lot off 54 and bangater highway it was around 2 am one one the group''s that were fighting started shooting at all of us in the parking lot and my friend was actually shot during the incident

so I was a good kid. Didn''t run with gangs but lived in a hang heavy area. Me and my two friends were hanging out outside and one of my idiot friends saw some guys and started yelling gang slurs. Next thing I hear is a car screeching and gun shots flying past my head. Scariest thing ever. Ended my friendship quick

Grew up in Palmdale California. High school in the early 90''s. Gang activity everywhere. (stayed out of it) Got shot at during a party, girl broke up with a gang member and he wasn''t happy about it. Also a few drive by shootings. So glad to be out of there it''s only getting worse there.

Pheasant hunting when I was 8 I was shot in the face by my uncle shooting at a dear.

watching TV late at night and bullet came right through my front window and just missed me. Random drive by shooting. I live next the the Capitol.

lived in Glendale on Pacific Avenue in the early and mid-90s I was shot at added on a daily basis and I wasn''t even in a game just the neighborhood just the times kind of crazy

filling up my car at a gas station the guy next to me move his rifle from the cab to a gun case in the back of his truck and it went off missing me by inches and the pump

Had the same thing happen while hunting. Guy target shooting. Bullet hit branch 1foot above my brothers head. Shooter had no back drop.

was shot in the ankle over territory when I was 16. I wasn''t in a gang but was in the young place wit the wrong people. I wasn''t supposed to be out so I never told my parents! I did some self care lol I''m lucky I didn''t get an infection or worse!

When my husband was 16 he was in a drug deal gone bad. They took off back to his friends house the people showed up and they ended up in a shoot outand he said he almost got hit multiple times

We were shot out hanging out in Ogden it was a drive-by at my cousins boyfriends house and we were stuck in the car while everybody''s running to the backyard

they did a walk by on us blew my buddy's finger off n missed me n other's

My cousin was just shot and killed in his home early this morning in Layton

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