Kim White Memorial Documentary

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We promised Kim that we would do ANYTHING to make her story and legacy live on forever and that everyone in this world would know Kim White. This is how we are doing it. Everyone will know how to live because of Kim White. They will know how to love because of Kim White. Kim said it best, “I think that’s why God keeps providing miracles, to share my story.” Now all of us get to be a part of making this possible for Kim. When Kim passed, she was in the middle of helping us produce her story and raise funds to create a full-length documentary. Her wish, give her daughter Hensleigh, husband Treagan, and the world an opportunity to see how to live what she called a "Beautiful but Messy Life." Help us make Kim's legacy live on.

Kim left this world on Valentine's Day. A day of hearts. And if you have been touched by Kim's legacy, you know that NO ONE HAS A BIGGER HEART. NO ONE. She gave so much love to each of us. Even if you had never met could feel it. 

As you know, Kim White is the most extraordinarily strong person this world has seen. She's given us a glimpse into God's eyes. She fought a courageous battle with stage IV adrenocortical cancer for 6 years with grace and immense courage. Through this enormous, life-altering trial, she has uncovered what it means to lead a beautiful life, and she decided to share that with the world. We were able to capture what she called her "Recipe for a Beautiful but Messy Life". She said, "This isn't a story about cancer. It's a story for anyone going through any trial. It's the recipe for going from broken into beautiful. To embrace the process." Many of you have asked us how to help. This is how. Thank you in advance for making this possible for our friend, daughter, mom, wife, sister, and absolute warrior!

The funds will go directly towards the production, editing, distribution, marketing and awareness of the film.

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