Mastering Self Love Workshop

Self Love isn't selfish - why so many people think that it is and how if you aren't taking care of yourself you aren't being your best self for others. I help woman with this daily to understand the importance of giving time to yourself to grow. Tool - how to learn to give yourself more time to work on yourself for yourself. 

When we learn to love ourselves we can accept others love until then we self sabotage to the degree we feel we deserve. when we accept ourselves we receive the love we are ENOUGH for now, always and forever. 

Self Acceptance- stop comparing yourself to everyone else even yourself form a past season. Learn my tool of compliment over compare. When we compliment what it is we are comparing we can identity what we feel we are lacking and acknowledge that if we are able to see it in someone else it is in us as well. We can learn from them to find it in us rather compare and judge them. 

Self Confidence - the power of affirmations and how we are what we believe if we tell ourselves every day we are fat, ugly, poor, not worth it that is what we will get. when we practice self condifidence it is a practice you have to step into it and believe it. Exercise- ask 3 best friend what they see in you use those as affirmations and start to see it in you as well. You can apply mirror meditation, mirror work and visual exercise to apply this. 


Mastering Self Love Workshop

Key Note Speaker: Self Love Coach - Stef Iliff

Single Momma, Motivational Speaker, Former Vice President of a billion dollar finance company who found self love, let go of fear & shame so she could step into who she was created to be as a motivational speaker, self love coach, podcaster and CEO of Powerhouse!


TIff is a coach, speaker, mentor and an amazing light beam of wisdom. I am so excited she will be teacing you tools to find self love and master your daily practice of coming home to yourself, loving yourself and knowing your worth.

Date: February 22nd

Time: 10am-2pm

Location: Lady Bird Society SLC, UT

Limited 50 spots available

What Will You Experience:

You will leave knowing & believing that you already are, you always have been and you will always will be enough!

This workshop is designed to give you all the tools you need to master self love, see your worth and step into you.

We will review the following topics in depth with tools to help you with them:

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