TEXT TOPIC: Time for some Passive and Aggressive texts!

Entitled parents picking up your kids from school. DONT park the damn bus zone, it's for the school bus is not your cars!!!!

Just because I'm in my early twenties and have never been married, doesn't mean I don't have life expectancies.

dear ex's new gf shut up please you are a cry baby get over yourself it's bad when my kid is saying you cry too much. You’re giving women a bad name.

Hey dude, cover your mouth when you’re sneezing and coughing is going all over the keyboards at work and with all the viruses going around right now. We don’t need that.

why, for the love, WHY does health insurance not cover therapy? What is more important than keeping your brain healthy!

ex husband our kids come before drugs and crazy gf number 100 they aren't getting younger your missing it all

sister, don''t start drama with the family at Dads funeral especially when you wore your coyote ugly dress almost falling into the grave as you moonedeveryone while bending over to kiss his casket. You couldn''t even stay sober to pay your respect yet you throw shade on all of us? Take your skank selfback to Vegas.

Dear Douche Bag Door Dash Driver, when you are 45 minutes late and not responsive to text messages, I promise you don't want to ask me to rate you.

You at least could have waited to cheat on your husband after the divorce was final. Thanks for wrecking this since Dec. #quittercheater

I’m being passive aggressive to myself Hey jackass Get off your ass and quit procrastinating You know what you need to do to change your life Now do it and quit dragging your feet still love you.

Why don't teenagers wear freaking coats!? It's 17 outside!!!

You're a manager. Talking about other employees to customers and other employees is not professional. You make work not worth coming.

Ghosting in general! Grow up!

Hey coworker quit being so damn bossy!

husband I love you but get your shit together!

Hey office manager. You're not better or above anyone else. Stop treating me like trash and respect me. I do more than you anyway.

Dear husband please stop asking if you can buy things when you know we don't have money right now

A text once a day maybe, and days not hearing each others voice or about our days is not a relationship. Action has shown me that I''ve once again been played.

Hey Utah county why don’t you give every car registered in your area within a 20 mile radius of the construction zone $500 for new tires each year you continue the nonsense? Maybe then we won''t be so cranky driving.

Dear professor, we are poor college students. We already spent $150 on the--used--book. Stop expecting us to go out and buy a business suit. =D

hey hubby, stop acting like it's such a chore to take care of the kids. They look up to you, get your crap together

I am sick of the monkey crew that was hired to do my remodel. They suck and can go fly a cow and go go jump of a lake.

Thanks for the old passive aggressive song. Don't like the new as well.

2 the old bitty Costco that felt like it was ok to tell a woman in a burka to take it off or go back to your county. Congrats Jesus would be proud of how Christ like you are #BeKind

Jamie as if ruining my marriage with the affair wasn't enough you''ve ran through 3 men since and your circling back around for my husband. Get help work on yourself!

You comment on Everyone else’s social media posts, but claim that you NEVER see anything I post, which is why you don’t comment or like. Whatever Susan. Message received. Buh bye.

I spent 3 hours fixing something that had nothing to do with me and you want to complain about the end result? Buckle up buttercup I could undo it all with one click

Stop micromanaging me and trust that I know what the f I’m doing! You treat me different then the other managers and if you don’t stop soon I’m going to HR about it

When I say dressing on the side or guacamole on the side, it doesn't mean I don’t want it at all. I want it ON THE SIDE

Passive aggressive. People who put there dogs down cause they are to selfish and don't have the patient's. I want to do the same to them

Dear husband, stop telling the kids they need to pick up after themselves while your crap is littered EVERYWHERE

There's a special place in hell for women who keep their children away from fathers.

Hey ex you don't get to abandon our kids then cry when you decide to roll into town and want to see them we have lives without you.

Stop being a whiny ass and tattling to HR when your manager tells you your not doing your job well. Entitled a holes!

Dear home builder maybe if you would have built my house correctly we wouldn’t be on the 3rd time of ripping out my shower after only after a year.

Dear health teacher of my 15 year old daughter, thanks for telling her that she can’t get a cold by being cold. Now she refuses to wear a coat to school. Ugghhhhh

Dear moms at drop off, just because there aren't any spaces doesn't mean you can use the handicap space.

Patient parking is for patients, sick, elderly. Doctors, nurses, administrators, move your fancy cars and pool park in the back, farthest lot. Let the patients have the parking. Without us you don’t have a job

dear driver that was honking at my 15 permit driver cause sure wasn't moving fast enough for you your lucky I didn’t get out of the car and best you’re a$$. Leave five minutes earlier tomorrow JERK! She’s learning!!

To a certain store director of mine. Stop being so fake. Whenever I talk to you it's like talking to a wall. Stop it!!

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