Go Fund Me for Local family ( KaDee can kick it)

The mother in this picture (KaDee Troop) was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. To make matters worse, 4 of her 7 adopted children suffer from a rare, terminal disease known as EB and referred to as the most painful disease due to the blisters/wounds they get from head to toe, inside and outside of their body daily. These wounds are compared to 3rd decree burns and need to be treated daily. Being such a rare disease, most doctors have never seen an EB patient so KaDee is their full time medical caretaker, she also helps other EB families across the country. (She has even been featured on national television shows such as the today show for her work.) These children are hospitalized often and their medical bills are constant. This amazing family’s small house is in need of large repairs and KaDee has taken on a second job (which she can no longer do because of this aggressive cancer.) to try and earn money to assist her husband whom also works multiple jobs. This family is truly in financial need and is a gift to our society for their beaming example of selfless love. This mother has done nothing but serve others her entire life and now she’s giving the opportunity to others to serve her for once. Please donate/repost/fundraise for this deserving, strong woman and her family. You can follow her journey on instagram @fight_like_a_troop and please re-post this message to help spread the word?! THANK YOU!



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