TEXT TOPIC: You don't like what about your spouse's job?

My dad has a few old lady co workers that tease him about so many things, saying they thought he should gey speech therapy or teasing him because hisnipples are always hard, until he would put bandaids over them

my hubby works for a professional sports team 60-80 hours a week during the season. On non game days his schedule is unpredictable/on call and makesit impossible to make any plans outside of work. Very thank less job

my hubby coached in NBA for over 20 years. Women always waiting at exit on away games to hook up.

my wife is a teacher Had a high school, and every night I am afraid that I won't see her tomorrow because of a school shooting.

My wife is a bartender and customers aren''t the problem. Her boss frequently makes advances. Texts her at 2am when he''s drunk and his wife is out oftown visiting family. Hate it.

My ex use to work with a whole bunch of guys and whenever I was around the guys got more physical with her in a flirtatious way and bug the hell out of me

My husband works construction. Construction man "talk" is disgusting. My husband comes home and tells me story''s about his co workers wife''s/girlfriends and it makes me wonder what he says about meat work >7< &@

Husband is a sous chef. He works 60+ hours a week but is paid by salary for only 50. When you break down the hourly rate it''s 9 or 10 bucks an hour.Makes me angry

my husband is in the marine Corp I have total respect and love for him but I hate when we have to go days without talking and he''s always gone a yearat a time can''t wait until he''s done July 9!

my husband is running a successful company and he is getting an ego. Treats me different

my husband hates that I work on the holidays. Every year=- I''man RN.

My husband manages a store and he''s always getting hit on by girls trying to get a raise and then he''ll come home and tell me stories about other managers below him how they sleep with people at the store and so it is just frustrating

my husband works as an installer for a cable company and he get a lot of females that just walk around in booty shorts and hit on him all the time.

My husband is pretty much always on-call. He gets calls and about the dumbest problems and has to listen to many whiny women complain about BS. It''sso frustrating.

I work for Urology and I''m not allowed to talk about what I doat work with the hubs. We make jokes that we''ve seen more

my husband is a Police Officer, I hate when I don''t hear from him all day. My mom died this year and when I don''t hear from him I panic. I understand he is busy my but anxiety doesn''t care.

I am an influencer for dog pages and he goes through my messages every night to make sure I am not cheating. It's so degrading

husband works for traeger, traveling sales in Costcos. Costs us $ for him to travel and 100% commission is too unpredictable.

My husband is a tattoo artist and girls will flirt in hopes to get a discount. One of the things that drives me nuts is he is very respectful & if agirl is getting a tattoo such as an under boob tattoo, he will give them something to cover their nipples & he has stepped out & came back when they saythey''re ready & they don''t use them because "they don''t care".

My husband just got back from deployment so i can totally relate to the insecurities cuz he too was overseas with female coworkers for 7 months

When we call in for tickets, etc. I feel like I''ve won if I get the normal busy signal instead of the quick one because you can''t get a line in!!! And, good morning!

My man works in a bar so pretty much all of it makes me mad

the part of hubby's job I hate the most... he works at a busy restaurant. People will do the rudest things to get free food.

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