TEXT TOPIC: Ask a celeb for a pic or stop them to say hi? Were they cool?

I interrupted Kim and Kanye shopping. Kim was surprisingly nice and stopped to chat...Kanye was not impressed per usual haha. They did not allow a picture though.

The Bee''s, formally the Trappers owned by Bill Murry (1990''s).I was at a game and he was there surrounded by a large group of people. Being 13 at the time and a HUGE fan, I bought a Trappers T-shirt and quickly squeezed through the crowd and tugged at him beggingtip sign my shirt. He turned around and put his hand on my shoulder, felt my shoulder pads and grabbed them and started screaming frantically that my shoulder was falling off! Not once, but twice.I was so embarrassed by the huge crowd watching I ran away. Needless to say I didn''t get my signature

Said hi to Robert Redford at Sundance while eating dinner just 2 tables down from us. He said god bless

I asked Katherine heigl while she was getting a henna tattoo in park city and she was so so nice about it !!

saw Elijah wood we when we where up at Sundance. We kept looking over at him when we where eating and then they left and he came and stopped by andlet us get a picture.

not me but a friend of mine approached Markiplier (YouTube gamer) when he was at Disneyland and he absolutely hated being approached while there

I'm at the show but I nannied for the country band SHeDAISY and people would come to them/us often and they were cool about it. Said it's part of the job

John Malkovich and Nick Cage when filming conair at pizza hut nicest guys in the world!!!

ran into 2 of the 4 wives from sister wives in St George. They were not happy to get noticed. But I made my friend ask to get a picture.

saw Eugene Levy with his wife at the airport, but he wouldn't take any pictures

Marie Osmond was sitting behind us at a BYU football game at half time I went up to her to day hi and get a picture she was super nice

from the show New Girl, Max Greenfield (Schmidt) my Favorite!saw him with Patton Oswald, at Disneyland. I yelled Schmidt!! Across the diner. He was very cool, got a pic with him.

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