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Eight01's Finest

To give you a little insight about who the group is and what we’re about, we’re a collective group named eight01’s finest. Our goal is to put utah’s music scene on the map cause we feel like there aren’t many eyes on us, but honestly WE HAVE the talent. We’re just ready to show everybody what we’re made of. Life is all about opportunities and the ones who sit back and wait will never get where they wanna go. So with that being said the links at the bottom contain our music as well as our social media links.

Eight01’s Finest eight01sfinest@gmail.comhttps://music.apple.com/us/album/vol-1/1468494568https://open.spotify.com/artist/0ld8Lna6QBvIwdMn0GNdCk?si=8NfYPQxTQCqeYMrrPMC2UQ Eight01’s Finest (@eight01sfinest) https://instagram.com/eight01sfinest?igshid=1q45bqsqb6573https://www.facebook.com/Eight01sFinest/

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