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Our listeners brother's mother-in-law was the one that stopped to help the semi-truck driver on Oct 10th who crashed his beer truck into a Sandy church parking lot. She's a local nurse of many, many years and she didn't hesitate to jump from her car to assist, but as she was making her way to the scene, she misjudged the fall, and ended up shattering her tibia/fibula plateau and she broke the tibia the length of the bone. 

This woman has spent her life giving to those who are dying and sitting with mothers as they welcome their newborns into the world. She was there for us, night or day, when my ex-wife and I lost a baby at 26 weeks and had to give birth and cremate our child. She's kinda like another mother to me. And now, she's gonna be down for a while as she recovers. 

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