Pete Wentz Just Launched His Own Jewelry Line

Republic Records And Cadillac Host VMA After-Party At Tao Restaurant - Red Carpet

Republic Records And Cadillac Host VMA After-Party At Tao Restaurant - Red Carpet

Pete Wentz may be best known for slappin' the bass with Fall Out Boy, but he really is a jack of all trades. Last month, it was announced that Wentz was working as a producer and music supervisor for a new Snapchat series, and on Monday (October 14) he surprised us all again by launching his own Jewelry line, Ronin.

Here's how the brand describes itself: "Born out of the idea of wandering, a samurai without a master, and the free dreams that accompany facing the world on your own, Ronin is a jewelry line built for modern times. Founded in 2019 by Pete Wentz, the line focuses on simple, quality unisex pieces that externally project one’s inward creativity and individuality."

The 40-year-old further detailed his new endeavor in an interview with WWD. "Making tangible pieces is counterintuitive because we live in an age where people are into AR and VR and people want to be in a room that doesn’t really exist, but feel like they’re touching things that also don’t exist,” Wentz explained. “It’s cool to have tangible things because they can go on the journey with you and they have a story and they become a talisman in that way.”

As of now, Ronin offers four different products in gold and silver — Elliot Signet, $50; Serpens Ring, $75; Luna Pendant, $115, and the 14-karat solid gold Cor Locket, $1,300 — and each item was designed by Wentz. The brand is also selling apparel, ranging from t-shirts to hoodies.

Ronin has its own Instagram profile, too. Check out a post showcasing the Luna Pendant and Cor Locket below.

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