TEXT TOPIC: Happy Monday! We wanna hear all the good in your life!

something good! We are surprising our kids with down Disneyland this week! A-Aron

After years of trying, we are now pregnant with our first child.

Headed back to NM with 2 new dogs for the Family. Lost our pup a month ago and we are ready. Kids have no idea, they are going to lose it!

My love had to have emergency appendectomy surgery Friday morning. I'm so thankful he is doing better.

Got my cast off my foot Couldn't sleep couldn't walk couldn't do anything! It's been glorious! Listener bill

almost done with the kids play room complete with bunk house slide and fireman pole getting carpet hopefully this week

put my two weeks notice in, Friday is my last day. 5 months of hardly any work and leaving a very restrictive job.

I'm pregnant!! I never thought this would be possible as it's been a struggle but I'm finally going to be a mom

we rescued the sweetest old pup this past week. She fits in perfect with our fam and we're lucky to have her.

I have 3 interviews at the U this week. The starting rate is a $2-3 increase plus tuition help. I'm so excited for a new journey. Good vibes please!

got a job promotion at a hospital here in salt Lake city. A big raise, and doing what I love!

Weber high golf team is headed to state tournament today and tomorrow! Good luck boys, I love you Davin!

after 8 years I am leaving my job on Friday. Excited and nervous to start something new!

My boyfriend and i do long distance and haven't seen each other in almost 11 weeks and he comes in town this Friday!! So excited!

My friend bought me tickets to one of the the Viva La DIVA Halloween shows!!!

in three weeks I'm getting married. Yes, it's on a Monday!

I've lost 50 lbs since the beginning of April

my daughter had twin girls Friday and they are doing great

Kicking off a Sober October fitness challenge this morning. Looking forward to a whole month of wellness and no hangovers.

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