Restaurant Owner Who Sprayed Man With Extinguisher Is No Longer An Owner

The man involved in the incident, Alex Jamison, posted on Facebook explaining that he is no longer part of the restaurants and is “no longer a shareholder of these companies.”

Jamison is the co-founder of Monkeywrench, Buds and Boltcutter vegan restaurants.

“You may see me in the businesses helping out with the transition, but we are officially separate entities,” his posts read. “My behavior was unnecessary, and no way to treat another person regardless of circumstance. My business partner and I started this company to promote the message of non-violence towards all beings and I recognize my actions last weekend starkly contradicted that.”

The victim in the incident, Jon Bird was working as a volunteer at the Gallivan Center and was taking a break to smoke a cigarette. That is when Alex Jamison came outside to confront Bird about smoking near his restaurant. Eventually, Jamison sprayed Bird in the face with the fire extinguisher to put out the cigarette.

Salt Lake City police say they are investigating the incident

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