TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family that is with another family member?

my father in law is married to his cousin. We all think is so weird but they act as if it's completely normal.

my parents are fifth cousins. They didn't know until the dna testing kits came out. But they just decided to ignore it and not tell anyone

My Uncle married his cousin when they were in their 60''s because they were both divorced, didn’t want to date but didn’t want to spend the rest of their lives alone. He was very sweet to her but I never saw them get very romantic with each other.

My uncle's wife met her brother who was raised by other people as adults. They hooked and left my uncle. They divorced--That was gross because my aunt knew who he was all along. My uncle never got over it. Didn't date again. Died 5 years ago

My aunt married her cousin and he was her first cousin. They grew up together but the state of Arizona required them both to be sterilized In order to be married

My dad married my now wife’s mom while I was on my mission. Came home, became best friends and then got married. We did not meet until I came home though. So yes, my 2 kids are also my nephews.

my cousin dated her dads brother straight up uncle then dumped him for his son doesn't hide it she's happy about it disgusting yuck

they're first cousins and have known each other their whole lives, long story short, they have 3 little inbred children

my grandma adopted a boy, and when he was older he found his biological sister and married her and had kids. All of the children had severe disabilities and ended up being taken away from them. We haven’t seen him in over two decades.

I am married to my step dad's second cousin. We knew before hand, we are going on 13 years and we have two kids.

my cousin married her stepbrother. Had 2 kids, they were together until he passed away. They met at 13, married at 19.

both of my mom’s brother married their cousins, a 3rd and 2nd cousin. Everyone knew. Both have kids. The 2nd cousins are divorced now, the other is still married. I’m doubley related to my 1st cousins

my 2 first cousins are married. Absolutely new. Their mom's are sisters. 1 kid. From Arkansas (enough said)

After we were already married, found out were related. 4th cousins. We were told by an old lady at a funeral who knew both our dads. Our kids r ok, only 10 toes and fingers!

my grandpas niece married my grandmas nephew. They grew up together. Knew they were cousins. Now they''re divorced and the nephew told my grandma that me and another cousin are cute and I was like coming from someone who married their cousin I don''t accept that comment as platonic

my brother married our 2nd cousin and they have 2 little boys! They''re happy and healthy but we make fun of them about meeting each other at a family reunion.. because that’s legit what happened

My uncle married a lady and then he had sex with his step daughter and having 2 kids with her. So my uncle is their dad/ grandpa to the kids

85yr old man married his oldest sons ex wife. This son and ex daughter in-law had been married for 35 years and have 5 kids. Like a daughter for 35yrs! His grandkids are now his step kids. The sons ex wife is now his step mom. (So they aren''t blood, but daughter-in-law 35yrs.) just gross

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