TEXT TOPIC: What is your Dirty Little Secret?

My roommate dates guys just so they buy her food. I don't say anything about it because she gets them to buy me food too and I can't afford food otherwise

I told my husband our kitten was a stray I found to play to his emotions so he’d let him stay. I actually bought him from a friend because he was too cute. But now he loves the kitten too so it worked out

I'm not happy in my relationship but I'm not financially ready to get out of it.

When looking for home decor I avoid things that say stuff about loving my husband and happy family etc. cuz I'm not sure I love hubby how I should

I feel like an evil stepmom. I do not like my step kids. I put on an act and no one knows otherwise but I''m sure the kids will notice if they don''t already.

i constantly hint to my fiance for us to hook up with a swingers club. He turned that idea down real quick. But i signed up anyways in hopes a hot girl and i can talk him into it.

I have to take a break from listening to the show for a few weeks. I had an inappropriate dream about one of you guys and I don''t know why. The day after I had that dream when I was Listening to you guys in the morning it felt wrong and sometimes it still does

I want kids so bad, but I worry so much about my dog I honestly don't know how I'm going to mentally handle worrying about kids

I hate dogs. But people judge me so harshly for it, that I pretend to like them. Even my friends. Hating dogs doesn't make me a bad person. :(

I'm a total horndog 4 my wife, like the hottest thing ever. when she won't give out, I take pics of her &...yeah

I am dating my step brother and have been for about 3 years. We live together. And no we didn''t grow up together

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