TEXT TOPIC: You thought you knew someone until they died!

Multi-generation women visiting gravesite in cemetery

After my grandma passed one of my many aunts took a genetic test and found out she wasn''t my grandpas biological daughter. No one knew my grandma hadan affair. She reached down her real dad and got some information but it really shook the whole family.

my grandma passed away last year. We found out at her celebration of life she had an affair on my grandpa and he wasn''t our biological grandpa. We met my dad''s real dad at her celebration of life.

My brother died of diabetes last year. His roommates didnt know he was diabetic

I was a secret to my dads side of the family until I was 15 when my grandpa on that side died. So hurtful.

My husband passed and I found out he had a huge porn problem that he hid.

Coworker''s grandpa passed away and they found out that he had a whole other family in another state. He was a truck driver and would use his job forhis cover.

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