TEXT TOPIC: Did you call off the wedding?

I’m the male I called off my wedding in 2010 after she struck me in the head. We then got married in 2011 now we’re separated and we’re getting a divorce she IS nuts.

Engaged 4 times. 1st one was because I was pregnant. Called it off cause pregnancy isn’t a reason to get married. The other three were to the same man. Every time I knew it was wrong but that man was good with his words! He could have gotten a Nun to marry him! As the wedding dates got closer always knew it was wrong. Good thing I listened to my gut and called it off cause he had gotten 3 other woman pregnant! Among other things I later found out.

I called off the wedding the night before because one of friends told me he had been doing drugs behind my back. I guess several people knew but only one friend thought I should know

I called off my 1st wedding 2 months before. Shallow, but I realized I would always struggle with guy and his family--He had a mental disability that would mean I would be more a mom than a wife, be the main breadwinner,etc.

I called my first engagement off 19 days before, and tried called my 2 off 19 days before but married him, we divorced 7 years later.

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