TEXT TOPIC: Did your bluetooth burn you?


I called my buddy he told me about is new GF I told him to eff her right in the P*** his boy was in the car and asked what's a bushy

I called my bro in law and went off about his wife, calling her the B word and to tell her she needs to chill or else I would say something directlyto her... I was on the car speaker and she was in the car

I called hubby to tell him I was taking my nephew home becausehis mom couldn''t pick him up.. he started going off about her (no one likes her) and I had to stop him so my nephew didn''t hear =H

My daughter called me while my friend and I were on our way to lunch and before I could say one word she told me all about her appointment to the gyno and about some infection she had. It took her a year to even look my friend in the face.

I was listening to an erotic podcast and my father in law offered to move my car for me. I was standing close enough for my Bluetooth to connect tomy car from my phone. The man learned far too much about me in that moment.

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