Wanna help them MOVE THAT BUS?

Volunteers lifting frame, helping build house

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in UTAH!!!

Now here in Utah, the Wadman Corporation has totally stepped up! For the first time, they're building two homes, same time, around the same area! Wadman has been a huge part of all this, and everything they're doing is DOUBLED! We’re in the Greater Ogden Area right now! 

Out of the incredible families that people nominated, they've surprised two of them (Thursday & Saturday). They have found some incredible families. Their stories are amazing. BarobiFamily and Mayo Family.

Visit WADMAN.COM/EXTREMEMAKEOVER to sign up or just come on down and sign up at the builds. And of course, all our volunteers, neighbors, and community members are invited back for the MOVE THAT BUS moment, when we reveal the homes to each family, once this Thursday afternoon (BAROBI), then again on Saturday afternoon for our second family (MAYO).

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