TEXT TOPIC: Self conscious about something & don't want spouse to see?

My BATWINGS!!! No matter what I do I can't get rid of them. So self conscious when I wear tank tops!

so my right hand/fingers will move the same time as my left hand/fingers. My first born son has it, then my first grandson had it. I was made fun ofas a child , would sit on my one hand when writing with the other.

it's my birthing hips and I am a man

well I think I'm beautiful. All 5'11 and 300 lb of hairy man bear goodness

i have a right eye twitch and it s a slightly lazy, look like a

my hubby hates his crooked pinkies but I love them! Both kiddos got them and they are so dang cute!

Frankie I feel ya, I have pectus excavatum which is sunken chest, and I''m a girl with a small chest. I hate wearing swim suits and being naked in front of my husband. I had very painful surgery to fix it and it failed so I know I have to learn to love it ha ha

I won't let my fianc see me naked. I gained weight and I'm so self conscious. I don't even want to get intimate.

My brother has what's called a robins roost which makes his chest poke out. He wears a shirt swimming because he's so embarrassed by it

3rd. Nipple. Haha not super self conscious but we just don't address it

I'm single but it's my toenails. I have toenail fungus and whenever I'm in a relationship, I hide it as much as possible. Even around friends and family!

One of my thumbs is smaller than the other, called a clubbed thumb. Hubby calls it my toe thumb. I hate painting my nails, don’t want it to stand out

After my 4 the child my boobs are gone and I have giant hips with no but. Idk what happened this time. I won’t let him see me naked

I have never taken the best care of my teeth so I am self conscious about my smile . I try not to smile around my wife and if I do then I try to do it closed mouth . I''m hoping one day to finally get them fixed so I can smile again

Because of my cleft palate I am self-conscious about my smile and I am self-conscious about my smile and nose

My EARS!!!! I'm 29 and they are long and poke out. Pray 4 me when I'm older & they grow! Damn polish ears

I am so self-conscious about the way I sweat in my armpits. I could be doing no physical activity at all and my armpits will still sweat. I Will change my shirt before seeing my boyfriend so that he doesn’t''t know. I also secretly get Botox in my armpits to prevent it.

I'm a super sweaty person, even hands & feet. My hubby is nice about it but teases me sometimes. Do embarrassing

Everyone thinks I have a huge butt but it is actually lower back fat, I don’t actually have much of a butt, so it makes me self conscious for people to see my back and butt because they are always disappointed

I have a belly overheating after having a C-section. I hate it I hate being naked in front of my husband because I''m so self-conscious about him seeing it. He is amazing and tells me I beautiful but it bugs me.

My chest. I''m a little girl but have always had an extremely large chest. Hate anyone I''m with seeing it since there is such an expectation for girlsto have perky perfect chests even when they are bigger.

I am self conscious about my extreme underbite

My thighs ugh. Stretch marks that I hate. Hubby obviously has seen nd doesn't care. Still a sex in the dark person

You know I’m not fat anywhere on my body except I''ve got a large stomach that is the hardest thing to get rid of And I hate letting my wife see it I''m always using the corner of the sheet when we’re in bed to cover my stomach I hate it

I don't let my husband see my naked body.

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