Lady Gaga shares a kiss with her married trumpet player! (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga seems to be getting over her broken engagement with a little help from her friends. On Saturday, the pop diva planted a lip kiss on her married trumpet player onstage at her Las Vegas residency.

Us Weekly notes that the 33-year-old Gaga was caught on video holding Brian Newman's hand while singing the lyric, "Darling, kiss me." That's when Gaga leaned in and locked lips with the musician. While a source close to the diva tells the outlet, “It was a playful, harmless part of her act," her fans aren't so sure. “I know they are friends since….forever. But Christ’s sake, he's married!!! Gaga should behave better,” one fan wrote online, while another added alongside a smiley-face emoji, “His wife was there!”

Thumbnail Picture: Getty Images



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