SLC Fire Dept. Rescues Utah Police Officers From Elevator After Calling 911

911 dispatch received a call from a group of Utah police officers stuck in the elevator of the public safety building the 911 operator was located in. There was a bit of confusion at first but soon after, the officers were rescued from the elevator. Watch the video.

Here is a transcript provided by the Salt Lake Fire Department of the 911 call.

911 what’s your emergency?

-“This is the police”

Yes sir, this is the police, what’s the nature of your emergency?

-“No, this is the police”

Correct again sir, how can we help you?

-“No, this is literally the police. We’re calling you from an elevator. We seem to have put too many humans onto this thrill ride and now we’re stuck!”

Sir, did I hear that right? You are stuck in the elevator and you need help getting out?

-“That’s correct ma’am.”

Copy, what’s the address of the building?

-“Uh...that’s the thing, see, it’s THIS building. The one you’re currently in ma’am.”

SIR, did I copy you’re stuck in the elevator of our own public safety building?

-“Yes ma’am. And we need help getting out. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.”

Copy that sir, we are sending the fire department over to rescue you.

-“Oh great, these jokes write themselves! I’ll bet they can’t wait to post this on social media!”

*no humans were harmed while exiting the elevator

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