Mail man that got hurt in Hawaii 3 years ago passed away this weekend

Todd Edgington passed away Friday, May 24th at his home in South Jordan more than three years after a tragic accident while on vacation in Hawaii left him paralyzed from the neck down. Our family has been so touched by the outpouring of love and support over the last several years. Even after the accident, Todd continued to be upbeat and positive as he took on the challenges of living life as a quadriplegic. His loving wife, Vicki, quit her job to stay home and serve as his full time caregiver. Vicki started baking cookies from home as a small source of income for the family while she cared for Todd. The family has also relied help from so many amazing and caring people. As we now move forward with funeral plans, we ask that in lieu of flowers, a small donation be made to help Vicki cover the costs of the funeral and burial.  

Todd was an avid go kart racer and there wasn't anything he loved more than reaching that finish line. Now in life he has made it to the end and has reached his checkered flag.  


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