Orem Man Arrested for Threatening Youtube Employees

David Swanson was arrested by Orem Police under the suspicion of making terroristic threats. Swanson made threats on September 5 and December 6 in comments made on Youtube. “The only thing that comes after the death of YouTube is a funeral for all the executives that were rightfully murdered."

On April 30, Swanson commented about Youtube employees stating, "are at least as evil as any Of the worst groups in history" and "I kept saying you guys were gonna get what you deserve soon. Get woke go broke, and when I visit your campus in two weeks I'll be able to shoot any employees exiting, from the convenience of my car, because the First Amendment allows me a right to do so."

Orem Police officers showed up at Swanson’s house and arrested him. He told officers that he didn’t intend on shooting Youtube employees with a gun but rather film them and take their photos. Swanson told officers he drove to the Youtube campus in San Bruno, California with a gun to intimidate employees.

Swanson was released from jail on Sunday morning after posting $100,000 bail.

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Photo: Orem Police Department

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