Utah School Bus Driver Responds After Being Labeled a Racist

On February 4, 2019, bus driver John Naisbitt closed the doors of his bus at West Point Junior High catching the backpack of a biracial boy who was wearing it. The bus carried the boy up to 175 feet as other students waiting to get off watched in shock.

A lawsuit filed by the boy’s mother is claiming racial discrimination and that the bus driver has a history of this type of conduct.

The allegations include John Naisbitt closing doors on two other biracial boys and calling students “stupid” and “idiots.” It also claims that Naisbitt failed to stop a white girl from assaulting a younger Asian girl.

“I couldn’t even comprehend how it could happen,” the boy’s mother Brenda Mayes said. “I was glad he didn’t kill him.”

A Fox 13 reporter asked Naisbitt if he is a racist and he responded, “Not at all. No. Look at my dog. He’s as black as could be.”

“I didn’t see him in there,” Naisbitt said. “If I had, I would have stopped.”

The Davis School District is currently investigating the incident.

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