TEXT TOPIC: What is your latest parenting fail?

watched a Disney nature show with my kids. The snow leopard dies in the end and my daughter bawled for 45 min straight! #epicfail

parenting fail I''ve had is I forgot my son at school . I was an hour late with picking him up and the school kept calling but I don''t answer numbers I didn''t know so they called my work haha . Needless to say I was embarrassed. He was mad and I added the schools number to my contacts lol

last night brushing my daughters teeth, she went one way I went another and her wiggly (not quite ready) tooth got yanked out. Crying, blood and I''m"such a mean mom" oops

Parenting fail, while driving I always say "ugh, I hate people" well now our 4 year old walks around public places saying all time he hates people.Buddy, there is a time and place and that is not it. LoL

My 3yo fell down our stairs-15 steps. I was down there comforting him my 1yo crawled over and fell down too. I''ll I could do was watch and catch her at the bottom. All 3 of us crying.

got my 2yr old out the car seat. I put him down and went to shut the car door and didn't make sure he was out of the way and wacked him in the head pretty

I was texting my husband complaining about my 15 year old son saying some not nice things, not realizing that my husband was signed into messenger on the computer that my son was doing his homework on. He saw everything I texted my husband and came out crying >&<&@ I felt so bad. How do you even fix that?!?

Parenting fail recently for me my two year old now curses. He says the F bomb, bull shiz and damn it. Oops totally all my bad

Set my daughter to a birthday party, then forgot her till two hours after the party ended and I got a phone call from the parent. So embarrassing.

yesterday my son was throwing fits over EVERYTHING, i snapped and told him to get his shiz together.. he is 3. whoops!

our oldest son walked in on my giving my hubby a bj

I bought my daughter with Down Syndrome a frozen lemonade at Taylor Swift concert in TX. Got her seated and went to buy a tshirt then realized we are not in UT...not lemonade ...Frozen Daiquiri...She is legal at least. Now she say she drank her frozen wine in TX

my 3 year old loves Pennywise, Michael Myers, and Marilyn Manson

my 3 year old loves Pennywise, Michael Myers, and Marilyn Manson

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