TEXT TOPIC: Did you BAN your spouse from something?

Being banned My husband has banned me from talking to someone that I went on one date with . The person is a film director and teacher and I want to be in film and write scripts . He''s concerned that if I work with this person that I''ll leave him .

Banned my husband from doing the laundry. He's washed the craziest things on accident. From several full on iPhones to wires because he is an electrician

Dateline, I'm apparently more than a little paranoid.

energy drinks! My husband would drink several a day and it''s gotten to the point where it adds up financially that it became a problem!

banned 1st husband from world of Warcraft it took over his whole life he was completely addicted. Quit for 3 years then got back into it and is part of why we divorced

would ban my hubby from game of thrones too he just doesn''t know it. as a porn addict he isn''t needing all the nudity. Don''t think everyone should come at her

banned my husband from a life time friend after she tried multiple times to end our marriage. pictures of her booty & highly inappropriate texts.

told my BF I don''t want him hanging out with people he slept with. W/ex cheating on me I wasn''t comfortable w/ my new guy being friends w/ girls he had slept with.

ban my husband from energy drinks because he is a royal a s s when he drinks them!

banned my husband from strip clubs because in the past hes dated a few strippers

actually told my husband i didn''t want him watching game of thrones years ago when it came out. No one cared that I did that. But now Game of Thrones is so trendy I''m sure I''d get so much crap for doing that. Oh well

my husband has ban me from wearing wedged heels. He thinks they're hideous on all women!

ban my wife from getting any more animals. 3 dogs. Two cats. Three birds. And a turtle. That's enough

I was banned from getting hair and nails done if I was "allowed " to do nails I could not do red! No longer together.

banned hubby from 5hr energy shots. Gets a 5hr boner n he won't leave me alone

my friend was banned from using his girlfriend's bathroom cuz he used too much toilet paper

My wife banned me from getting anymore animals . We have 4 dogs which are 2 huskies 1 pitbull and 1 chihuahua. & 3 fish tanks

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