TEXT TOPIC: How did you get jacked up on vacation?

we went to Chicago. They had some really good pineapple upside down martinis. Got drunk and walked on the large curbs. Fell and rolled my ankle

went to Vegas with the girls. Drank a few too many and thought I could dance. Something popped in my ankle and I ended up with torn ligaments all through my foot and ankle.

on way out of Wind Rivers from backpacking, I tripped and fell on my shoulder. Tore my rotator cuff and bicep tendon requiring surgery to fix.

went to the Uinta Mountains four wheeling and I took a corner too sharp and rolled the wheeler on me and my daughter. I turned to protect her as we rolled so she was 100% okay but I torn my ACL, MCL and got a slash on my hip.

My mom had just been cleared from a rotator cuff surgery. My parents went to Texas and were cruising around on motorized scooters when she hit a bump and was thrown into wall. Black eye and a badly broken humerus that needed to be plated. She said her shoulder held up like a champ though

Went on a ton of hikes with my wife. Finally told her I don’t like hiking after 15 years of marriage. Was mad and told me I was going to do every hike on a planned vacation we had. Dragged me everywhere and ended up breaking my Tevas and a stick went straight through my foot. She still apologizes five years later.

jumped in the empty moat at the Excalibur in Vegas during my bachelor party. Broke my back, punctured a lunch and broke my clavicle. Wife still married me dumb A.

senior trip in Australia I jumped off a couch (seriously) and landed wrong. Broke and dislocated my little toe. I had to have surgery when I returned. #supercoordinated

Maui 2017, my younger sister was climbing a huge tree, and she fell off and broke her arm where you could see the bone wanting to come out of her skin

One time I went to St. George for a girls weekend. We stopped to get a massage, and the masseuse worked so hard on my foot that she broke it. I had to go to physical therapy and wear a boot for a month because of how much damage she did to my foot.

went to NY to meet a potential love, the last day there, I broke my leg via stress fracture. Flew home with crutches. Fml

Went to Dubai slipped on the marble floor tore my hamstring had to be in a wheelchair for five days and through the airport in a wheel chair. Longest flight home with an injury

4 hrs into cruise, tripped going up stairs, broke my toe. Also got ear infection on same trip. Still in pain and partially deaf 3 months later

1st cruise, ship docked, there were 3 other cruise ships. Walked off my ship to go shopping. instead of watching where I was walking I was gawking at all the ships. fell off the curb scraped and broke my ankle. couldn''t walk much after that.

One of our excursions on our cruise was a segue tour. I crashed into a street sign and got a concussion.

Friend took a trip to Costa Rica. Had to be rushed home early for rabies medicine after being bit by a raccoon

Threw my back out on Indiana Jones while in Disneyland... Literally on the first day of the California vacation. That was fun

Was out of town for work drank a little on the way back to the hotel feel walking up the stairs hit my face came back with a black eye. Oops

my friend got cut by a stingray then two days after broke her leg in Costa Rica

Dominican Republic stubbed toe and tore off big toe nail. Hanging by a thread made my 13 yo niece tear it off. Couldn''t get med supplies so covered toe with a condom to keep sand out

went on a cruise for the first time, didn't use enough sun screen and came home with 3rd degree burns on my inner thighs and legs

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