TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Agressive Tuesday! What is your PA text?

dear motorcyclists just because you can share lanes doesn't mean you can go 90 in a 65 I really hope you get to where you're going safely

I'm so sick of everyone telling me not to have kids yet. I'm 23, I can make my own decisions. I'm 5weeks pregnant and people can suck it!

Quit complaining about your child support amount when you take lavish vacations and buy a new expensive truck every year. I''m barely making ends meet and you''re being a little bitch about it.

do you not understand I don''t like you we are not friends stop taking my stuff or even touching it I told you don''t touch my new phone now I have 3scratches in it from you

you two are toxic jealous people. You love to sit around and talk bad about people that are doing well for them selves so you can feel better about your miserable lives. I''m glad I cut you out years ago. Please keep my name out of your dang mouths!! #peaceoutloosers

If your crossing the street, then CROSS Get off your phone, stop texting or playing and walk faster than negative 5 miles per hour

Dear ex, please stop treating me like garbage because the judge didn''t give you what you wanted. Maybe try focusing on our daughter rather than making my life hell. SMH

I struggle when I go through the drive-through and pay in cash and they hand me back my change with the coins floating on top of the dollar bills. They''re bound to be dropped! Just hand the coins to me first please.

listen here Bitch, train me on the job!! Don't take out your regret for leaving on me!!!

hey moron, don't wait until you are forced to merge when there was a sign telling you the lane was ending 2 blocks ago.

said it before but still pissed. Restaurants stop getting rid of mt dew! 

to my roommate: stop treating my house like crap and start cleaning

Passive aggressive Tuesday You are almost 50 with teenagers And living with your 80 year old parents! You say it’s because you can’t afford to live on your own but the trips to Disney, expensive clothes, brand new $40,000 car and packages arriving daily tell a different story. If you actually took care of your mom and dad I wouldn’t care but they pay for your living expenses with their S.S. and when they get sick you all are MIA! Ugh move on so We all can respect you again!

I hope you realize soon your wife will be the fall of your company. She needs to stay in her lane.

HATE HATE when someone rides me when there is NOWHERE to go on the road.. riding me doesn't mean it'll Speed up the traffic..!!

don't down play my depression and anxiety. It's real, it's scary and it's sucks.

stop being a D in the elementary parking lot! No wonder the kids are A-holes, they come by it naturally!

Girl, you''re married stop posting slutty pictures on Facebook and then act surprised when guys are "asking you out on dates and sending dick pics" SUPPOSABLY

got married over the weekend, already regret it. New wife is starting the marriage off very wrong

Mom, you're manipulative and use guilt to get what you want. No wonder we don't want to spend time with you.

hey Mom in law my unborn child is not going to be named what you want. All your names are stupid.

my boss needs to learn how to not spit and DROOL when she talks. She doesnt pick up her feet when she walks, carry yourself well to gain respect.

I''d like to thank my company who rewards people who have NOT been with the business very long. They would rather increase the new employees than the ones who have worked hard for the last 20 f-years! Wish both bosses would leave. Can''t stand them!

if you want to get out of your car to hug and kiss your kid 10 times get out of the drop off lane. PARK your car.... keep the line moving people

If u said u could pick up my child from school. Try a little harder not to forget and go an hour late

Just because were divorced doesn''t treat you nasty because when you do you karma comes back hence why do you have a blown up motor in your bike and you''re behind on your mortgage

Why are you and your husband talking about my finances when you both would be in a better health and wealth position if you both were not drug addicts for 30 plus years.

Dear Husband, you know I love talking to you on the phone but please stop calling me on your morning commute. I am missing Frankie and Jess!!!

I don't care if you don't trust your boyfriend if you're not gonna do anything don't get me involved

when using FMLA... you should not be seen at another job!!!!

dear Mountain Dew drinker, your beverage is white trash! Are you a raiders fan too?

udot, time the lights better on mtn view.

sister in law even though we worked at the same job doesn't mean you should tell other people my pay or complain about me. Why don't you look at yourself.

you didn't raise your own kids so don't try and raise mine. If I want your help I'll ask for it.

to my sons lacrosse coach. This is rec league. Even play. If you aren''t going to do even play at least put in kids that can play. Not your kid who can barely run... quit trying to have him follow in your foot steps. It''s not for him...

mom, when you choose to marry a convicted child abuser who just got released from prison the consequence is u don''t get to see us anymore. I''m not going to be his "practice family" 2 see if he can keep himself I check. Let me know once he''s out of the pic.

A guys from my past recently reached out to me and said he still loved me and thinks we''re soulmates, even though I''m married. The next day I see himon Snapchat with another girl acting all lovey dovey. Not cool asshole, you really messed with my emotions. Stop acting like a selfish prick for once inyour life.

Hey people just because a person looks fine to you doesn''t mean they don''t need the handicap. I have DJD, DDD , had back surgery and a full knee replacement. Sorry your lazy ass has to park further and you walk further , show compassion , screw your judgement and move it along 

hey mother in law just cause your life didn't work out the way you want don't make us feel bad for building our first house

Just because I'm not a mom yet doesn't mean I don't know how to handle my students. Idiot.

I hate when you work out of town and I miss you lots, but if your gonna be an ass when you get home, head back out of town

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