Motorcycle Rider Films Car Flipping on the Freeway (Video)

A motorcycle rider on Hwy 4 in Central California near Oakland witnessed an accident right in front of him. The driver was reportedly on his phone not paying much attention to the upcoming merge. As the driver continued, they didn’t stop their car quick enough and hit the back edge of vehicle. The momentum flipped the driver and their car to the side of the freeway.

Some commenters on the video have pointed out the motorcycle rider was lane splitting (Driving between cars) and that he was being just as reckless. Lane splitting is legal in the state of California.

The rider said this in his video description:

Car crash caught on go pro footage, what was this dude thinking?? I thought I was going to go down!! Was he on his phone?? What do you guys think??

There is no word on the condition of the vehicle’s driver.

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