Beachgoer Run Over by California Police Vehicle on Patrol

A sunbather at Venice Beach in California was enjoying a day at the beach when she suddenly felt extreme pain. The woman was accidentally run over by a police vehicle that was patrolling the beach.

"I remember screaming so I was definitely in pain, but I don't remember specific sensations of pain. I just remember that it was awful," said the woman who wants to go by the name Aurora. 

She had fallen asleep on the beach when she was run over. The officer driving the vehicle immediately knew the ran over something and looked out and noticed Aurora. According to her the officer asked if she was OK and she replied, ‘You're on my leg.’ “So the tire did kind of land on my leg for a while.”

An E.R. Physician was also on the beach at the time of the accident and stayed with Aurora until the paramedics arrived.

She spent three days in the hospital with broken ribs and dizziness.

"I'm really happy to be alive right now," Aurora said. 

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