This Birthday Party Had Many Kids Leaving in Tears


A mom posted about her child’s recent experience at a birthday party held by parents at Build-a-Bear. The parents of the birthday girl sent out invitations to her friends inviting them to the birthday party held at Build-a-Bear. The mother of one of the invited children gave the birthday child’s parents $30 to help cover the cost to build a stuffed animal at the store. It can get fairly expensive depending on the accessories added during the building process and since there were 8 party guests, they thought it would help a bit. The birthday girl’s parents told the guests to go ahead and make any animal they wanted to. The kids all selected their stuffed animals and started through the creation process of building them choosing clothing, accessories and more. Once the children were finished with their creations and were heading out of the store, the parents of the birthday girl had all the guests give their stuffed animals to their daughter.

Many children didn’t want to give up their creations, so the parents grabbed them from their hands.

The party wasn’t over at that point, they all ended up going to the birthday girl’s house and ended up watching her play with the animals they created.

Many of the children started to cry as soon as they left the house, letting their bottled-up emotions come out from their party experience.

The mother of one of the birthday guests talked with the birthday girl’s mom at school. You can read it here.

Photo: Getty Images

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