Can you help this listener find a kidney?

Can you help our listener:

My husband/fiancee we have been together for 8 plus years...... I have always wanted to wait for the right moment to marry my soulmate, best friend and lover as well as step-father to my child. I am now a 42 year old woman with a 16 year old daughter and a wonderful man, that has come into my life to complete everything I've desired.

His name is Nguyen, and he is a 43 year old man from Vietnam, his parents thought it would be for the better of freedom and education to send him to the US at the young age of 6 years old and alone. He asked his parents where he was going, they told him he was going on a long vacation. He was put on a boat to be shipped out. After a couple days at sea, unfortunately the boat engine died and it was in the middle of nowhere. And to survive, he had to drink sea water, as well as his own urine to stay alive. The Boat was stranded at sea for a total of seven days. And was finally saved by a fisherman boat. They were given bottled water to stay alive. And was transported to the Malaysia Authority, and was put into the refugee camp for about 6 months. Awaiting to be sponsored by a foster family that were willing to adopt him. 

So after 6 months he was sponsored by a Utah family which was also from Vietnam. As the time passed, at the beginning of 1995. The sponsorship paperwork for him to sponsor his family to come to the United State has finally been approved. Two months later, his family arrived in Utah. 

As time passed Nguyen was at the age of 25. One evening in the summer of 2001, he felt sick and was taken to the hospital. He was diagnosed with stage 3 Renal Kidney failure, and was set up to have a catheter placed for Dialysis while awaiting a Kidney for Transplant. At this point Dialysis was started three days a week for about six months. In the mean time family members and friends were tested and luckily there was one match, and it happened to be his older sister that was an exact match to donate the Kidney for Transplant. That miracle happened back in 2001. 

Now moving forward to 2019, we are back in the same boat with the Kidney failing again with greater sadness to report since the initial Kidney Transplant back in 2001, he has developed Type 2 Diabetes, Anemia as well as a failed kidney for the second time. Here we go with the process starting over, Dialysis and being placed on Transplant waiting list because so far family/friends are not a good match. We were advised right now per the Doctor that, it is looking a possible three-five year waiting period if we are lucky. 

So with the medical issues that he suffers I don't know how it will work this time and also if he is strong enough to go that timeframe and go through this painful struggle. The best thing would be to get a Kidney ASAP. 

I know this is so much information and I sure hope that it makes sense, ( I am in a foggy haze right now, with stress and concern) As 

I explained in my other message, I am reaching out to people that I believe can be a support and a possible help to my loving family. I

am not ready to lose what I have waited my whole life to have. Happiness, love and a husband. Eight years is not long enough. I am very greatful for you listening and taking the time to read this.

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