One of our listeners had a friend that was run over by a drunk driver!

Early Saturday April 20,2019 Ricky Panh was walking in downtown Salt Lake when a drunk driver recklessly hit him and drove off without regard for his life. Ricky laid on the ground, with a broken bone in his neck and broken femurs in both legs, for an unknown amount of time until an anonymous person found him and he was taken to the hospital. He was an innocent victim to a senseless accident and is now hospitalized for an unknown amount of time. Police later found the car abandoned and tracked down the assailant still heavily intoxicated.

Because Ricky is sedated he has to communicate via a white board. Instead of being angry or bitter, Ricky has stayed positive even making jokes on his white board and is 100% focused on his road to recovery. He is stable and doctors are optimistic about his improvement. His first step towards recovery is surgery on his legs followed by a month in a wheel chair and then physical rehabilitation.

**Update** April 21st 8:30pm

Ricky had a long surgery this morning where the doctors placed a titanium rod in his right leg. His other knee is fractured and the doctors aren't sure if a cast will be enough to heal it so they are keeping an eye on it. His neck is fractured but it should be able to mend with only a brace. He has bleeding in his brain but the doctors are optimistic that it will resolve. His breathing tube has been removed and he is resting as he comes out of sedation. There will be many more test to run before the doctors give him more input on his recovery. Even though he is out of it he gave a thumbs up to his family after surgery.

Video of the news coverage

Where your money will go

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to help Ricky with the following:

-- Staggering medical cost

-- Loss of income

-- Physical rehabilitation costs

-- Any other out-of-pocket expenses that he may incur during rehab

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