Utah Tenants Surprised to Come Home and See Airbnb Guests in Their Home

Roommates R.J. Walker and Erik Zimmer were quite surprised to find un-announced guests in the house they rent. “At about 10:30 at night, I heard some stomping up and down the stairs,” roommate Erik Zimmer said. “That was the new Airbnb tenants moving in.”

The landlord of the rental property sent a text message to the two men letting them know they would be listing two empty rooms in the home on Airbnb. The service allows users to scan listings and rent rooms for a night or two much like a hotel. Walker and Zimmer let the landlord know that they weren’t comfortable with that situation.

The two men that rented the rooms on Airbnb were also using everything that belonged to Walker and Zimmer. “I can’t live like this, you know,” Walker said. “I can’t wait in line for the shower behind strangers I don’t know who are using my shampoo.”

The house guests didn’t realize that Walker and Zimmer lived at the location, he thought they had also rented the rooms through Airbnb.

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