Motorcycle Rider Manually Changes the Traffic Light After it Doesn’t Change

We didn’t know this is an issue for a lot of motorcycles.

From the motorcycle rider:

"Most motorcycles don’t have enough metal to trigger the plate sensors for stop lights. A funny little known attribute that all motorcycles share is having to deal with lights not changing in low-traffic areas that only get triggered by those magnetic sensors. I stop at this light every day after work and normally another car will come up behind me to trigger the sensor, but Tuesday evening I sat for about 3 minutes and no one came up. Some bikers would just run the red light (legal in some states for lights that don’t change), do a right turn then a U Turn, or do what I did and trigger the pedestrian signals so the lights have to fully cycle through. I didn’t do the first two because it’s a school zone with a heavy amount of cops. I turned on the GoPro because I always thought this was a fun fact that 99% of non-motorcyclists aren’t aware is a problem."



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