TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday-Who do you wanna thank?

Thank to my work! I am able to have a month off before I get to meet my little baby boy. And prepare my house for our little guy. One month till we get to meet him!

I wanted to thank the providers at primary children''s hospital. My 7 month old daughter was born with a medical condition and is undergoing several surgeries this year. They have been fantastic. Thank you so much!

i am so thankful for my boss. She's an amazing example and has taught me so much! #bossbabe

Thanks to my wife for picking our house 10 + years ago and her hard work turning it into a home.

want to say thanks to my boyfriend. Hea been by my side helping raising my boys, crazy long court battle, threats from ex, and the death of my sonsdad. He stayed strong and stuck by my side through all of this.

Want to thank my husband Dan, for doing everything he could to make sure that our family is taken care of. Also, keeping me positive when all I want to do is scream! I love you babe!

I would like to thank my amazing husband for sticking by my side as I go through a crap ton of medical testing and putting up with all of my emotional swings along the way!!

I want to thank Trevor Ramboz for coming into our lives, he was infectious with laughter and very positive person. Trevor suddenly passed on March 9,2019, he will be truly missed by several people.

I''m grateful for YOU guys! My Morning Zoo family! You make FL bearable in the mornings. Thank you for sharing your talents and your lives with your listeners. You''re all the epitome of radio personalities. You make us feel special as your listeners! THANK YOU! Much love! ''d A grateful listener

wanna thank my grandma for everything she has done for me. I fought an addiction which messed up my teeth and she paid $20,000 to get my work done 

I would like to thank my team at work. The past few weeks have been difficult when it came to team culture. They have now been implementing their feedback, as well as myself as their manager and things couldn''t be better now.

thank you in advance to our beautiful birth mother that will be the vessel in which we are given our baby number 4. You amaze me and I don't even know you

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