Beware of This Phone Scam That Impersonates Utah Police Officers

Brody Chipman received a phone call while he was walking out of a movie this weekend. When he listened to the voicemail it was from Lt. David Oliver with the Utah County Sheriff’s Department, or so it seemed.

The man on the voicemail said, This message is for Mr. Brody Chipman. Mr. Chipman this is Lt. David Oliver again, Utah County Sheriff’s Office...I need to speak with you today Mr. Chipman or there could be some serious legal implications.

Since Brody wasn’t aware of any issues that he would be involved with regarding law enforcement, he decided to search the name of the officer. He found that Lt. Oliver was the administration services commander for the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. Brody thought the voicemail sounded off to him so he forwarded the message to Lt. Oliver just to be sure. A couple of hours later, Brody got a response letting him know the call was not from their department and that it is part of a scam.