Woman and Her Baby Kicked off of Flight for Having a Skin Condition

Jordan Flake said she and her son, Jackson were recently kicked off of an American Airlines flight. “I feel like it’s the most I’ve ever been judged or discriminated against,” Flake said.

On February 28th, Jordan and her son Jackson getting ready to fly home after visiting her husband in Texas before he left for a military deployment. An airline employee came aboard the plane and asked Jordan if she is going to be ok to fly with her rash. She replied, “Well, I don’t have a rash. I have ichthyosis.” Ichthyosis is a genetic skin disorder where the skin is normally dry or scaling.

The airline employee left for a while then came back and told Jordan, “Sorry, we are not going to let you fly.”

As Jordan and her son were leaving the plane she heard a flight attendant say, “Well, she doesn’t have papers or a note from a doctor, so she can’t fly.”

The airline put them up in a hotel for the night so they could eventually take another flight the next day. Their luggage didn’t make it off of the original flight so they were left without any of their lotion, clothes and other personal items for the night.

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