TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday

Just because you don't like yourself don't "TRY" to make yourself feel better by putting me down because I will make you cry.

Dear Boss. We bust our butts driving for you. You could pay us a little bit more instead of your kids. And a little bit of faith in us when you get complaints about driving would be nice instead of believing the people calling every time. We are very professional. Thanks. All your drivers

My sister was a elementary school secretary. She wrote in the newsletter that kids should be sent to school with a coat when it was cold. You wouldn't believe the backlash the school received from parents for including that in the newsletter.

Hey dumb a when the crossing guard is in the street you have to stop

You’re a public speaker, and a grown woman. Learn how to be happy for people half your age. Practice what you preach and, not everyone can praise you24 seven. You’re a nightmare to work with.

Frankie.. That Ben Affleck movie Triple Frontier is going to be on Netflix, March 15th!!

Both sides of the road have to stop when the school bus has their stop sign out! It's. The. LAW!

Dear babysitter. If my kids are having a rough morning they need your help, I don’t need u to tell them they woke up another kid. I need u to give them some love

Dear co-worker, if you tell me you’re going to do something, effing do it! You’re a grown ass adult, shit or get off the pot! Thanks I already feel better!! LOL Love you guys

Stop talking to him! I tried to forgive your affair but every time a look at the baby that I know isn't mine, it kills me.

Sis you have 3 children, stay your ass home with them, you don’t need to go out every weekend, especially if you already don’t have your children during the week because you need a break, Your lucky we love them babies

Freeway on-ramp are to reach freeway speed not to impeded traffic while you prepare your lunch before your Sunday drive across town #icantdrivee55 or 70

People! The ON-RAMP to I-80 is 70 too! Go. The. Speed. Limit. Get up to speed already! 40 is not acceptable!

Hey crappy aunt. Giving my 15 yo daughter drugs, alcohol and pills doesn't make you the cool aunt. It makes you go to jail.

The third lane at a light is to help people turning to not block traffic when turning not so you A-holes can get in front of everyone.

When you see a bus and it stops please stop as well be patient there''s always kids that are going to be crossing the street I saw a lady almost hit alittle kid so please stop people !!

Dear boss please stop telling the entire office everything you hear. Some things are supposed to STAY PRIVATE!!!!

If you want a friend that's a girl you better not make her more of a priority then your family. And then get mad when I voice my concern

Hey Asshat, don''t take the last available bench to hold your phone , water and weight in between sets.. when they say MyVasa, it''s NOT literal. Google Asshat, you will see one of your 1000 selfies...

Stop picking favorites with your children, give me full custody of our daughter & we''ll work on the daddy issues she''s going to have from you ignoring her for your sons.

We all know you got pregnant on purpose so he would marry you.

Don't pretend you love diversity when we all know you are a racist

We Are at work !! Do not ignore my phone call I'm in management you are in the warehouse. Your future is coming to an end with this company

Hey mom we have the same body type quit telling me to loose weight when you need to as well

Stop complaining about your loser love life. Take a long hard look in the mirror before placing blame on the other person. Your 45 yo and stop comparing those to your dead ex wife. Assface.

Dear supervisor, put your stinky egg salad sandwich in the garbage and get off Facebook

I don't tell you how to do your job.. stop telling me how to do mine old man

Babe. Treat others like you want to be treated. Don't like the silent treatment, don't be an ass. We're supposed to be a team.

I'm glad you have your wedding planned. You might want to inform my brother and maybe get engaged.

Dear parents it's winter! Don't send your kids to school with no socks. They get cold and during recess their feet get wet! Also send a coat! Again it's

PLEASE PLEASE stop talking to me about your upcoming trans surgery. I'm so uncomfortable

Just bxuz u dont wanna lose me in 1 dept doesnt mean i should be passed up for a job in another when im fully qualified youll lose me comple soon

To those who drive to work daily and yet they cut people off three lines to get off an exit. Stay in one lane people!!!

Just because I’m a young attractive women who works in a male dominated industry doesn''t mean I don’t know what in talking about. Treat others with respect...

Just bxuz u don’t wanna lose me in 1 dept doesn’t mean i should be passed up for a job in another when im fully qualified you’ll lose me comple soon

To the mother of the kid bullying my son. It isn''t ok, it isn''t funny, and it isn''t just what boys do. I''ve been nice so far but now I''m fed up. I promise you the mama bear is gonna come out if it happens again.

If im going to be managing people i need the promotion that goes with it dont be cheap ed

I hate when you hold the first set of doors for people... Get no thank you and no return favor on the second set of doors. Come on people I’m trying to teach my kid manners

Mom, fine, don't stop drinking. But at least eat dinner, every night, dinner. But really, cool the drinking too.

We have been together 6 years now, you need to stop trying to have a marriage of three and find your own husband now. Your neediness is getting old and

I know she's daddy's girl but next time you let her stay up past bed time, you get to get her up and ready for school in the morning. #crankykid

It’s awkward when you’re putting your kids to sleep and you’re getting it on. Worst part is I''ll see your face in church on Sunday. Ugh...#calmdown #apartmentliving

You need to decide what you want cause im tired of cleaning up your mess and fixing her heart.

Stop slamming on your brakes for a leaf blowing on the freeway

After you caused my 4 year old and I to be temporarily homeless, I realized that you were never our friend, and you only care about yourself. Good riddance.

Don’t shame me for my child missing 10 days of school, you know he was sick and you even shamed me for having him there sick, damned if I do damned if I don’t

Your my boss so maybe instead of looking at sport chatrooms and pawning all your work off on others you could help us answer phones and LEAD!

Hey douche bag co worker. Don't asked how tall I am(5.2) and then ask what the legal height for a midget is. It's just rude!!!!!!!!

How about instead of lying to your husband saying you’re staying at my house while you’re in the process of getting a divorce, you tell him you’re sleeping with/at your work boyfriends place? Makes work really awkward and I’m not your cover up to your affair.

The lines on the road mean things. Like not changing lanes across a solid line! You can cause accidents behind you by being stupid and unaware

Dear MIL I don’t need supervision for 3 weeks after baby is born #notfirstrodeo!

Listen people! To those of you know that you were going to have to turn left DON''T WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE TO GET OVER! I wish I had an old car and I would hit you.

DONT say you miss us when you don't make an effort to see us, but you have all this time to see family out of state.

The left lane is a passing lane not a fast lane. Stop driving in the left lane unless you're passing.

Boss, why are you asking me to write up production proposals (on short notice) when I sent you an email with them over a month ago?

Quit creating drama w/my relationship all over social media just bc ur life is sad/pathetic. Ur lies R old. I'm 50 she's 25 we HAPPY. Thku, nxt.

It’s a residential area, with a lot of kids. You don’t need to drive 40-50 mph! It sucks we live in a rural area and don’t have speed limit signs. It’s also going to suck more when you hit a child. Slow down ya whoremonger!!!

Stop being salty towards me for getting promoted. I worked hard for it and if you have an issue maybe look in the mirror and talk to the CEO.

I used to work for her. She was... interesting = Frankie I used

Will every please quit saying large numbers using the word AND -you only use AND when there is a decimal in the number and it’s very confusing to students to hear everyone saying it wrong! Ex. one thousand fifty seven NOT one thousand AND fifty seven.

Please act your wage. Sucking up to management will not get you a raise sweetheart.

Just because I asked you to sign an NDA to talk about my product doesn’t''t mean you can be an ass and tell me I’m stupid! Thanks but hell no #NotUsingYourCompany

I'm a mailman. Stop parking in front of mailboxes you know who you are. Eric your friendly neighborhood mailman.

Hey Chad, I've worked here 6 years. Stop interviewing outside candidates and give me the job already.

coworkers brush your teeth

Don't ignore my call when you know I'm calling about something important that needs to be resolved

Feel free to shower and put on deodorant. We can all smell you

Your my boss so maybe instead of looking at sport chatrooms and pawning all your work off on others you could help us answer phones and LEAD!

Dear 42yr old brother, control the volume of your voice! At family gatherings, you hijack every conversation & the whole house can hear you

Good for you to get arrested for growing weed now my daughter won't be scared of all the cops in front of my house when taking out the garbage

Manager, supervisor, team leader, if you have update about work, remember u have 3 shifts under your management, don’t casually update us verbally, we have emails, we really feel like we are your step child, Love night shift.

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