This Dad Is Prepared to Knock You out of Existence with His Meme Arsenal

Vinvent LeVine is obsessed with Facebook and spends around 5 hours per day scrolling through the feed. Don’t plan on starting a meme war with him because according to Vincent, you will lose. He has an alphabetized collection of memes to ensure quick access while in the middle of a meme war. His meme arsenal is on the ready just in case.

“They don’t have the memes I have,” said Vincent.

His family is worried about the amount of time he spends on the social network and his son has even documented his father’s obsession.

“These moments where I’ve been banned…these few days of when I can’t use Facebook they have made me realize that there’s more the life than just Facebook. I had a life before I had Facebook, eight nine ten years ago and I forget, that I think my only life is through Facebook. I live in front of the computer, on the screen but I realized that you know before, that I had time to do other things too and I’ve robbed myself of all those moments because I just jump right on Facebook. So I’ve given some strong thought potentially, to take a break and just kind of getting off of Facebook you know for a short period of time just try it and see how it feels.”

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