Caught on Camera: Utah Skier Caught in a Backcountry Avalanche

A Utah man is lucky to be alive today after being caught in an avalanche in Washington County, Utah. A group of skiers were in the back country near guardsman pass when one man, who doesn’t want to be identified, triggered an avalanche.

The camera he was wearing captured his terrifying trip down the mountainside while trying to stay above the avalanche snow.

“He let go of his poles and he was swimming through the avalanche to keep his head up,” said Colby Stevenson who is one of the man’s friends. The other friend, John Brown made it down along with Stevenson to begin looking for their friend in the snow.

“When I hit his leg for the first time he started screaming,” Stevenson said. “It was very frantic we were just going to dig until his head was free and he could breathe.”

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