A Layton Woman Has Second Degree Burns After a Slow Cooker “Explosion”

Tennielle Benally of Layton was using her slow cooker (not a pressure cooker) to make dinner as she had done many times over the last five years. As she reached into a cupboard above the cooker, it exploded sending boiling chicken broth over her chest and arms.

“It blew up on me and I flew backwards, and I actually fell backwards over a chair,” Benally said. “I was screaming, because I knew I had some serious burns.”

Benally originally went to Davis Hospital in Layton, but her burns were so severe that she was sent to the University of Utah Burn Center.

Tennielle and her husband Brian wanted to figure out how this happened. After researching the subject, they found the lid locks on each end of the lid are only used to transport the cooker. The holes that appear to be steam vents on the handle of the lid actually aren’t. When their slow cooker exploded, the lid was locked into place which built up pressure until the lid blew off.

The couple wants to warn others about the potential dangers of using a slow cooker. Read the manual that came with your slow cooker to be sure of its operation.

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