Provo Man Fights off Burglar Using a BBQ Fork

Landon Ledingham of Provo was watching his parent’s house while they were on vacation. Ledingham heard footsteps upstairs just after midnight and he knew an uninvited guest was in the house with him.

He grabbed a BBQ fork and made his way upstairs, “I came up the stairs right here, and I checked this way cause I thought I heard footsteps over here but I didn't see anything but right as I turned that’s when I saw the figure go,”  Ledingham said.

The burglar ran out the back door but Landon chased him then eventually tackling him to the ground. The two wrestled for a while fighting over the BBQ fork until Landon kicked the burglar and he ran off into the woods.

“I was just really angry he would have the audacity to break into our house and steal our stuff, and I just wanted to stop him.”

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