Woman Arrested After Banging on the Door of a Utah Home Asking for Help

Utah resident Bre Pohai Kahoiwai‎ posted about a scary situation that happened at her home in Syracuse around 1am on February 3rd. She heard banging on the front door and when she opened the blinds to see what was going on, she saw a woman standing on her porch dressed in mostly black clothing. The woman said her phone didn’t work and she was being chased by someone and begged Bre to let her inside to use her phone.

The woman kept jiggling the handle of the door for about 6 minutes then after she realized Bre wasn’t going to let her in, she somehow used her broken phone to call the police. Bre was already on the phone with the police at the time and once they arrived, they arrested the woman for trespassing since her story didn’t quite add up.

After the encounter, she posted this on Facebook:

“A woman came to my home an hour ago around 1am. She was banging on the door. I opened my blinds and asked her through the window what she needed. She demanded that I let her in because she was being chased. I told her to call the police. She said her phone was broken and begged to borrow mine. I told her I cannot help her and suggested she ask another neighbor (I live in a row of townhouses) I started to record her because she continued to bang on my door. She knocked and jig gled my door handle for 6 minutes. I do not know her, I never seen her before tonight. She then used her phone to call the police to tell them that she was in danger and that I would not let her in. At this time I was already on the phone with the police department. They told me about her phone call. The police came and after talking to her for a few minutes they arrested her. BOLO for the woman in the pics. She was wearing a black beanie, camouflage jacket, black pants, and had a black back pack.”

“My main fear/concern was that someone even scarier was using her to bait me into opening the door. It's unfortunate that my mind went straight to thinking the worst case scenario... but I'm all my kids have. And that makes me cautious at all times. I've lived here for 15 years and I've never experienced something like this before.

Original facebook post:


Photos used with permission by: Bre Pohai Kahoiwai‎

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