Women in Davis County Are Finding‘Creepy’Letters on Their Cars

Several women in Davis County said they have found handwritten letters on their cars after they parked at various businesses including Dollar Tree in Layton and the Layton Hills Mall. All of the letters are signed by someone named “Chris” who also provides his phone number.

“Hi Beautiful Ladies,” it reads, “Sorry to be so intrusive, but I couldn’t resist! It’s just not right to pass up such a good opportunity. I wanted to stop by and say hello, but I was overwhelmed by your looks.”

The letters continue to talk about how beautiful the women are and how it made the man’s day before closing with this:

“I took a huge risk, and have never done this before. Forgive me for being random and spontaneous! Take a chance! Friends?”

At the bottom of the letter is a phone number followed by “Totally text me!!”

One of the women that found a letter on her vehicle decided to text the number and carried on a conversation with the person for a while before it turned creepy. The man gave his name to the woman and said that her was 31 years old. After a bit of research, she found out the man is actually 39 and believes his is a convicted child predator.

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