TEXT TOPIC: What is your favorite childhood memory?

My mom always made a hot breakfast for us every day of the week Monday through Sunday. Weekends we always had a big breakfast together as a family

One of my earliest memories is laying on my dad's chest and falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat

spending weekends with my grandmother learning how to make homemade Mexican food and staying up till 3 AM watching I love Lucy together

dad involved in newspaper. Brother and I had a play dough McDonalds set. We offered him "fries" without looking he grabbed the play dough fries and ate them lol

Riding big wheels around the block all day playing night games mom gone shopping all day no cell phones life was good and free

Picture it! Kearns, 1987. Christmas Day. A young man rips through presents praying Santa thought he was good. The last one...BOOM The Original Nintendo System

sledding the sugar house hill

Playing in my play house under the apricot tree and eating mud pies

A memory i have and love is of my grandpa. Every sunday night i would sit on his lap and watch the Stattler Brothers program

I remember going to my cousin's house with my sisters and we all played Cops and Robbers or Indians and Cowboys all the time! It was always a good time.

1 of my fav memories was when I met Karl Malone with my now passed away father. I was about 5 or 6 years old & Malone was a rookie. We met him @ a free signing @ Fred Meyers. He took a picture with us did some autographs & tapped my head. I remember thinking how incredibly tall he was! #Jazzfan4life

playing sleeping bag baseball with my siblings and cousins on summer nights in our backyard. So much fun. A girls life growing up with boys

My favorite childhood memory was for a birthday, my parents did a scavenger hunt for my presents. I looked all over the house and the yard to find multiple presence. Best birthday ever!!

Favorite childhood memory is putting blankets up over windows to make it completely dark and playing blind man''s bluff and playing a game my dad made up called, "Wicked witch of the East, North, South and West.

happy memory of me and my twin sister playing on these massive pomegranate trees in Mexico when we were 2/3 years old. Every time I eat pomegranates I think of this

the smell of coffee reminds me airports which reminds me of my dad

he's been a flight attendant since I can remember and would take me of trips when little

My cousins and I use to sleep at my grandma's house. She had a flower that only bloomed at night and we would all watch it bloom before bed.

remember sitting with my Grandma Beth eating spaghettios and playing solitaire while my grandpa Jay played shania Twain. It's one of my favorite memories

My dad would play yard games like "hands up, stands up", "red light, green light", "father may I?" etc. in our front yard. The neighborhood kids thought it was so cool they would always join.

my dad has been a police officer for 30+ years during a lot of my childhood he worked graveyard shift and we didn''t get to spend a lot of time with him. He would check me and my siblings out of school individually and take us to lunch, go 4 wheeling or to a movie. He is such a good dad and makes his relationships with his family #1!

little sister and I were the same age as two cousins. We would have sleepovers and make up dances to the cool new songs.

one of my favorite memories, picking peaches from my grandma's peach tree and going to dilly dallys after school.

When I was 12 or so my dad woke my brother and I up in the middle of the night and drove us out to stansbury area to watch a meteor shower. One of my favorite memories, can’t wait to do it with my kids

me, my siblings and the neighbor kids got together to play night games at a friends house during the summer months.

Fireworks at sugarhouse Park. No fireworks bear that experience!!

I loved my grandma she taught me how to make homemade apple pies..my husband's fave! I feel her near me every time I make one!

dad would get home from work and we''d run out to the lawn to meet him

and ask for him to "do us tricks", he''d swing us around like Superman or slingus onto his shoulders like a sack o taters, etc

I have the kind of childhood most people can only dream about having. Every day I rode my horse bareback through the Burger King drive-through to getfood with my little raccoon Francis.

playing softball in our yard, mom tried to steal second base. Dad started chasing her and she ran all over, not going to any bases, screaming like she was going to die if he caught her. My parents were both pretty overweight, so everything was in slow-mo too. I still crack up thinking about it.

loved walking from my grandmas trailer, through the cemetery, to 7-11 for candy cigarettes. We had so much fun creeping each other out and dodging sticker patches!!

in the mid70s my grandfather came to town from Montana and had this big farm truck and my cousins and i piled in the back and he drove us to the hogle zoo and we sang Jeremiah was a bullfrog at the top of our lungs the whole way

I was in sandlot when I was a kid, going to the theater and watching sandlot in the theaters and feeling like I was famous.

My dad raises all 7 of us kids ages 14-2 yr old twins. He would drive us out to little mountain to play but not

before we stopped and gots soda water, candy, jerky and of course my dads 6 pk of tall coors.

All 21 cousins would spend the week at our house to celebrate fair days (Heber). Sleeping bags side by side in our huge living room!

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