Recently Released UFO Footage Filmed Near Beaver, Utah (Video)

Footage of a UFO captured by a film crew near Beaver, Utah was recently uploaded. The footage was captured in 2016 but the filmmakers only recently release this footage on January 9th.

Filmmakers Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie asked Brian Hanley to release the story for them. Hanley usually reports on politics but decided to talk with the filmmakers about the footage on his youtube channel.

The film crew was using a drone to film some b-roll footage for a documentary they were working on near Beaver, Utah in 2016. When they reviewed the footage back at their hotel room, they noticed an object travelling at a high rate of speed that flew by their drone.

The first video below shows the footage they captured and also has an interview with one of the crew members who was there at the time.

Original video:

More videos about the sighting:

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