2019 Bigfoot Sighting in Provo, Utah (Video)

Austin Craig posted a video to youtube on January 6th of what he believes is a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) in East Provo, Utah. He noticed a large dark object on the mountainside above him and he started to film. As with most Sasquatch sighting videos, the video was filmed from a distance and not much detail can be seen.

He later posted a follow-up video (below) where he and his friends hiked up to the area they saw the figure. The conclusion they came to was that the dark figure they saw was a tall hiker.

Later, a member of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization posted their own video (below) while they investigated the area. They thought that Austin didn’t quite find the correct location in his investigation video. This investigator believes he found Sasquatch tracks in the same location where Austin Craig originally saw the dark figure.

Austin Craig’s follow-up video:

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization’s investigation video:

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