GoodNews: Lunch-making Kid Gets Food Truck to Expand

Liam is only 12 years old, but he’s making a big difference in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Liam is the founder and operator of “Liam’s Lunches of Love,” an organization dedicated to handing out meals to the homeless. Over the last year, Liam has handed out over 2,000 lunches. For an extra personal touch, he draws a picture or writes a message on each bag he hands out.

Liam’s father created a GoFundMe back in April, and it has raised over $44,000. Liam is going to use the money to purchase a food truck, so he can more easily deliver his free lunches.

Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern said, “In this time when there seems to be so much negativity, maybe you have to turn to a 12-year-old to lead the way.”


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