WATCH: Mom Busts Son Using Alexa for Homework

A mom, Yerelyn Cueva posted a video on Twitter of her son using their Alexa to do his math homework. I mean Amazon's Alexa was technically created to make everybody's lives easier but this 6-year-old boy definitely used it to his full advantage.

Yerelyn was shocked when she heard her son Jariel say, “Alexa, what’s 5 minus 3?.” The video clip of her son now has over 8 million views!

She also said that they only owned the device for a week before her son figured out the power of Alexa! Imagine all of the other things he could ask Alexa, she better hid Alexa from him!

Don't forget, not only can you ask Alexa to help you with your math homework... you could also ask Alexa to play 97.1 on iHeartradio!!

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